2008 Sacramento Chinatown Mall Culture Fair
Featured Speakers: Stories From Chinatown

The 2008 Chinatown Mall Culture Fair is honored to have some the most renowned pioneers in today's Chinese-American society. Each will be telling their story of growing up in America's Chinatowns.
Sun Yat Sen Speakers Schedule
11:30 - 12:00
Annie Bowler
12:15 - 1:00 Loni Ding
1:15 - 1:45 Lora Jo Foo
2:00 - 2:30 William Wong
2:30 - 3:00 Li Keng Wong
3:15 - 3:45 Noh Noh Ensemble


Loni Ding
Loni Ding was awarded the National Education Association 2002 Human and Civil Rights Award for her work in the Asian Pacific community. California Governor Gray Davis and the Chinese Historical Society of America honored Ding with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Over a 30-year career as an Emmy award-winning director and producer, Ding has created an outstanding body of work, including the epic scope of the two-part PBS presentation, Ancestors in the Americas, the first television series to offer an in-depth look at the Asian American immigrant experience from the Chinese of the 1700s to the 1900s. Ding is currently on the faculty of the Asian American and Ethnic Studies Department at U.C. Berkeley and is the recipient of numerous fellowships and career achievement rewards. More info at http://www.cetel.org/ding.html


William Wong
A pioneer among Asian American journalists, Wong has been a columnist, reporter, editorial writer, business editor, assistant managing editor, and ombudsman. Among his most significant achievements were in-depth news feature stories about a growing Asian American community for The Wall Street Journal's front page in the 1970s and his provocative columns about Asian America, race relations, multiculturalism and a changing America.

Wong has been a regional commentator on "The News Hour with Jim Lehrer" on the Public Broadcasting System and a guest commentator on other national and local radio and television public affairs shows.
More info at http://www.yellowjournalist.com/about_author.html


Lora Jo Foo
Noted Asian American activist, lawyer and author, Lora Jo Foo, will discuss her new book Earth Passages: Journey Through Childhood. Earth Passages tells the author's uplifting story of a girl born and raised in family of eight in San Francisco's Chinatown where her mother worked six days a week, twelve hours a day in a garment sweatshop.
More info at http://www.asiabookcenter.com/product_info.php?products_id=534


Lai Keng
Lai Keng is considered one of the oldest living survivor of Angel Island and author of Good Fortune: My Journey to Gold Mountain. It is her personal account of her family's preparation as they prepare to pass their interrogation on Angel Island. Because of the strict laws, the family must lie convincingly to officials in order to enter the country. Li Keng and her family had hoped that America truly is a place with gold-paved streets. It is an honest portrayal of an immigration story--the hardships, poverty, etc. More info at http://teacher.scholastic.com/activities/asian-american/angel_island


Anne Martin Bowler
Also...Did you know that 85 years before Columbus discovered America, 300 gigantic Chinese ships sailed thousands of miles across the Indian Ocean and down the coast of Africa? It's true! The Adventures of the Treasure Fleet is the amazing tale of seven epic voyages and larger-than-life commander, Admiral Zheng He.

Filled with historical facts, Adventures of the Treasure Fleet brings a fantastic piece of history to life. Gracefully told and beautifully illustrated, the story's fast pace will keep young ones captivated while offering enough information to satisfy curious readers of all ages.
More info at http://www.annmartinbowler.net/books.htm

Chinese Performing Artist from Across California

This year's Chinatown Mall Culture Fair is honored to present exciting and talented Chinese performers from across California.

Performing Arts Stage Schedule

 First session 11:00 ~ 12:50

Lion Dance

Master of Ceremony - Rung-Fong Hsu

Welcome on behalf of Sacramento's Chung Wah Chinese Family Associations

VIP Greetings from Sacramento Mayor Heather Fargo, Councilmember Robert King Fong, Councilmember Ray Tretheway, County Supervisor Jimmie Yee, California State Senator Darrell Steinberg, and California State Assemblymember Dave Jones

Kung-Fu & Tai-Chi - Master Tam / Stockton
Mandarin Children Folk Dance / Sacramento
Chinese Wushu - Shirfu Byron Brown and Academy
Singing Medley - Chinese Singing Club

Second Session 1:00 ~ 2:50

Chinese Orchestra
Chinese Folk Dance - Chinese Folk Dance Studio
Peking Opera - Peking Opera Club / Sacramento
Chinese Knot Dance - Winnie Mu / San Jose
Magic Show - The Amazing Carl Lee / Bay Area
Ladies Choir - Wuren Group
Chinese Folk Dance - Zhong Shan School

Third Session 3:00 ~ 4:00

Chinese American Medical Assoc / CA
Nationally Acclaimed Red Maple Dancers
Dance and Singing - New Star Chinese School
Happy Chef - Master Xia Ke-Ming / Bay Area











Children’s Chinese Cultural Activities

Fun for the whole family! Bring your children to the Chinatown Mall Culture Fair Children’s Activity Area where children will learn how to make their own Chinese lanterns and fold paper into Chinese zodiac animals in our craft booths. Face painters can paint your child’s face like a Peking Opera singer’s mask. The Wisdom Chinese School will show children how to make the high flying Chinese yo-yos. Don't miss this rare opportunity to immerse children of any age in the rich history and culture of Chinese-Americans.

Also, Eastwind Books will have a wide selection of books for Chinese children and their families, including Chinese folk tales, books starring Chinese children, culture for kids and other topics most conventional booksellers don’t carry.

Ping Yuen China Arts Courtyard

Come and visit the Ping Yuen Courtyard to enjoy Chinese paper folding or zhezhi, the art of paper folding that originated in China. It is the predecessor of today's origami. Also enjoy calligraphy, the highest Chinese art form, developed over the centuries in China and later to many Asian cultures, that led to Chinese brush painting starting around 4000 B.C. and continuing for more than 6000 years.

Cultural Demonstration Area

Learn more of ancient Chinese culture with demonstrations of Tai Chi, not only a Wu Dang Quan or an internal Chinese martial art, but also an exercise that promotes health and longevity. Experience the art of Chinese yo-yos that dates back to the Ming dynasty; roughly 1386-1644 A.D and not to be missed is traditional Chinese orchestra equipped with the sounds of the erhu, qinqin, and guzheng. Scheduled times are:

11:00 – 1:00 Dharma Realm Chinese Orchestra
1:00 – 1:30 Tai Chi Demonstration
1:30 – 2:00 Tai Chi Practice
2:00 – 2:30 Chinese Yo-Yo Demonstration

Chinatown Maketplace Offers Mooncakes and More

Visit the Chinatown Maketplace throughout the Chinatown Mall Culture Fair. With exciting products and valuable information vendor booths offer a great sightseeing adventure and rare finds. Be sure to get some Autumn Moon mooncakes; more than just a food item but the iconic symbol of the moon festival that falls this year on September 14. These palm-sized round cakes symbolize family unity and perfection.

This years vendor booths (and booth number) includes:

1 Asian Community Center
2 Sacramento County Division of Mental Health
3 Sacramento City Police Safety
4 Fair Information Kiosk
5 Sacramento Municipal Utility District
6 Blue Dragon Arts
7 Eastwind Book Signing Table
8 Chinese Yo-Yo Demonstrations
9 Sacramento County Voter Registration
10a Organization of Chinese Americans
10b Happy Time Toys and Gifts
11 Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs Assoc.
12 QQ Express Chinese Food
13a Sacramento Chinese Culture Foundation / Social Service Adm.
13b Eastwind Books of Berkeley
14 Chinese American Council of Sacramento
15 Mooncakes, Water, Snacks, and Raffles
16 Wilson Lai/Arts
17 InspirAsian Arts
18 AAA Insurance
19 Sacramento Jinan Sister Cities Corporation
20 Russian American Media
21 Dai Chien Gallery
22 Mind Your Money
23 Dai Chien Gallery
25 Chinese Benevolent Association Chinese School
26 Dharma Realm Music
27 Dharma Realm Music
28 Chinese Lantern Making
29 Children’s Chinese Crafts
30 Capitol Lions
31 Frank Kwong Insurance
32 Sacramento Chinese Catholic Community Church
33 California Telephone Access
34 Golden State Donor Services
35 University Institute of Chinese Traditional Medicine
36 California Health Collaborative / Health Net Health
37 ESAC Achievement & Wellness Center
38 World Journal

Chinatown Mall Driving Directions

From San Francisco:
Take I-80 E toward OAKLAND - 81.0 mi
Merge onto I-5 N toward CA-99/REDDING. - 1.2 mi
Take the J STREET exit toward DOWNTOWN. - 0.3 mi

From Reno:
Take I-80 W toward SACRAMENTO (Crossing into CALIFORNIA). - 121.5 mi
Merge onto CAPITAL CITY FWY via EXIT 95 toward SACRAMENTO. - 5.0 mi
Merge onto CA-160 S toward DOWNTOWN SACRAMENTO. - 3.6 mi
CA-160 S becomes 12TH ST. - 0.2 mi
Turn RIGHT onto I ST. - 0.7 mi
Turn LEFT onto 3RD ST. - 0.1 mi
Turn LEFT onto J ST.

From Stockton:
Take I-5 N. - 46.1 mi
Take the J STREET exit toward DOWNTOWN. - 0.3 mi

From Marysville:
Take CA-20/CA-70/9TH ST. - 0.1 mi
Turn LEFT onto CA-70/E ST. Continue to follow CA-70 S. - 33.8 mi
Merge onto I-5 S/CA-99 S toward SACRAMENTO. - 6.4 mi
Take the J STREET exit toward DOWNTOWN. - 0.3 mi
Stay STRAIGHT to go onto J ST.

For a detailed map click here.