Sacramento's Chinatown Mall Culture Fair
Bridging the Future to the Past


2008 Chinatown Mall Culture Fair Huge Success

The 2nd Annual Chinatown Mall Culture Fair held on September 14, 2008 in Sacramento’s Chinatown Mall was a huge success. Up to 3000 visitors, many as far away as San Francisco, Stockton, Marysville, and the foothill communities of Auburn, Nevada City, and Truckee, came to Sacramento’s Chinatown Mall to enjoy a day of Chinese culture, arts, and Chinese-California history.

Notable elected officials such as California State Senator Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, California State Assemblymember Dave Jones, Sacramento County Supervisor Jimmie Yee, Sacramento Mayor Heather Fargo, Sacramento Councilmember Robert King Fong, and Councilmember Ray Tretheway came to pay tribute to the historical land where the first Asian-Americans to came to seek their fortune in Gold Mountain, move mountains building the Transcontinental Railroad, part the waters building the vital delta levees, and lay the foundation to California’s world-class agriculture.

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Nationally renowned Chinese-Americans such as Emmy Award and NEA Civil Rights Award recipient Loni Ding, Wall Street Journal and PBS Jim Lehrer News Hour journalist William Wong, Laura Jo Foo of the Asian Law Caucus and President of Sweatshop Watch, and Lai Keng, considered one of the oldest living survivor of Angel Island gave 45 minute presentations on their experience as Chinese in America with Annie Bowler speaking on Admiral Zheng He's ships of 27,000 men and Dennis Yep's Noh Noh Ensemble's Gold Mountain stage play rounding out the schedule at the Sun Yet Sen Hall..

Chinese, East Indian, Russian, and American media covered the event with the Sacramento Bee and Channel 13 covering with live reports. The Chinatown Mall opened its doors to all of Sacramento with a full program of over 15 performing acts from throughout Northern California including a Lion Dance with Jet Li, Tai Chi with Master Tam of Stockton, Contemporary Chinese Songs, Chinese Traditional Dance with Sacramento Folk Dance Studio, Chinese Kung-fu with Master Xena Wu, Chinese Music with the CDR Chinese Orchestra, and Traditional Dances with the nationally renowned Red Maple Dance Group.